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By Biplab Roy
Gandhiji is known as a leader of non-violence not in India but he commands respect for his ideology throughout the world also. His simplicity is a role model to everyone irrespective of the nationality of any person.

His popularity does not end with his death but the same has been increased day by day even after his assassination.

India has become a new nation and a new race has come up after independence despite multi-facet fabrics of the society. In the independent India also Gandhiji has been recognized as the Father of the Nation by people of all walks of lives without enactment of any law, rules or government notification.

He lives in the heart of the people and time has failed to stop his popularity. His innocent smiling face appearing in the Indian currency always inspires his successors to remember his social values, morality and thoughts in the field of politics, social life, rural development and promotion of brotherhood amongst the citizens of India.

His tireless journey of life from a student to political leader, from a political leader to a Statement and also from a man of religious consciousness to super consciousness is like mingling of water of different rivers into an ocean.

Looking into the present socio-political situation of the country Gandhiji often comes to my mind and raises many questions pointing out everyday incidents happened surrounding us which make me ashamed of being his successor and I find no place to hide myself.

I feel ashamed of being an Indian not to carry forward the values of Gandhiji and also to honour the principles underlying the Constitution of India in true sense as rights and liberties of the citizens are tarnished everywhere within our vicinity.

Sometime I feel that my blood is very cold like a fish of the water but I console myself as I find the same thing to everyone. Anyone may call me coward as I die every second instead of living every second.

Unlike others I am also walking through the dark way covered by deep mist in spite of knowing that the Constitution of India can only lead us to the right path to fulfil the long cherished dream and desire of our forefathers.

To think differently is not wrong for any one if such thinking is within the four corners of the Constitution and law of the land. It is the obvious question that why do the people live within the framework of a State?

It is because of the fact that the people do not want to live in the lawlessness society where their breathing will be regulated by the mighty persons and there will be no value of life. “Life”, as observed by Field J., in Munn v. Illinois means something more than animal existence, and the inhibition against the deprivation of life extends to all those limits and faculties by which life is enjoyed”.

With this object in view Article 21 of the Constitution of India has been incorporated ensuring that no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law.

Therefore, there is a contract between the State in one hand and the its citizens on the other in terms that the State shall protect life and liberty of its citizens and in lieu of that the citizens shall assist the State to uphold the rule of law for betterment of their lives and also to perform duties as enshrined in Article 51A of the Constitution.

Apart from that the functionary of the State is run by the direct and indirect taxes of its citizen which implies the direct involvement of the citizens in the functionary of the Government.

Accordingly, as and when a citizen meets an unnatural death or is murdered by someone or his life and personal property is not protected within the framework of the State, it is the failure of the State itself to honour the provisions contained in Article 21 of the Constitution.

To protect the lives and liberties of the citizens from aggression of the foreign countries our country maintains military and para military forces for guarding the boundary of the territory. As a result, we are secured from any short of foreign aggression due to constant vigil and sacrifices of army personnel.

Are we equally secured inside the territory of India? Not at all, as we see the citizens to be murdered every hour either in political clashes or otherwise and the role of the State police is sometimes very dubious questioning the rule of law existed in the country. The policing system in our country is not free from politics which is a dangerous phenomenon not to uphold the rule of law.

Let us think afresh whether we allow a child to be born in the sound of bullets and bombs? Shall we allow a child to be grown up in the state of war at the different pockets of the country? I must say without hesitation that bullet does not know the friend and foe but it knows the test of blood causing death of the human being. Let the use of arms be stopped in the name of politics and power projection.

Let the violence be said goodbye from the country. True respect of Gandhiji will be only when we overcome the violence. Can we not stop violence ensuring the lives and upholding dignity of each individual who are our brothers and sisters? I trust that everyone will say “yes” in loud voice!

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