Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Saryu Rai gears up for monsoon session

Ranchi, August 13: Parliamentary affairs minister Saryu Rai on Thursday conducted a meeting with the departmental officials at Project Bhawan in Ranchi.

The meeting was convened to review the clauses laid down in the Action Performance Report during the last budget session of the assembly.

The meeting was in lieu of the upcoming monsoon session of the assembly form August 21. The budget session has listed around 187 clauses, out of which only 7 remained unanswered.

Rai ordered the department to obtain the report and answer the clauses within 2 days. He appealed all parties to coordinate with the procedures within the assembly. He ensured that all assurance by the govt. will be given under its potential & no out of bound promises will be made.

He said, �This monsoon session will connect the people with development and govt. will strive to keep up its good work.� He also requested not to present the same questions in different forms but questions pertaining to development shall alone be addressed.

The meeting was attended by cabinet secretary N.N.Pandey, Rajbala Verma, Sukhdev Singh, Vinay Kr. Choubey, Aradhana Patnaik, K.Vidyasagar, N.N.Sinha, K.K.Son, Avinash Kumar, Mastram Meena, Manoj Kumar, Ratan Kumar, Himani Pandey, B.B.Mangalmurthy and others.

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