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Santhal dominated Damudih village to become drug-free


Jamshedpur, Dec. 18: Damudih village in Shankar Da panchayat under Potka Block of East Singhbhum district will soon become drug free.

The district administration has started an initiative to make Damudih a drug-free village. Deputy collector of chief minister camp office Sanjay Kumar on Sunday visited the Damudih village and will the support of gram pradhan Thakur Majhi they put up a proposal at the ongoing gram sabha to make the village drug-free with the help of villagers.

Gram Pradhan and village priest along with the prominent people of the village welcomed the proposal.

On the occasion gram pradhan Thakur Majhi administered oath to the villagers and thanked the Deputy collector of chief minister camp office Sanjay Kumar for selecting Damudih for the initiative.

Notably, there is already social constraints on the sale of liquor in the village and with the new initiative the sale of Cigarette, Chewing tobacco will also be banned.

According to the census 2011 the population of the Damudih village is 571 of which 417 people belong to the santhal and bhumij tribe. The literacy rate is 69% and many people are serving at top posts.

Damudih village despite being tribal dominated people here see the drinkers with evil eye but are also punished by the gram sabha.

Village priest Raghunath Sardar says, those who are found manufacturing and consuming liquor are forced to penalty of Rs 10 thousand and Rs 5 thousand respectively. The amount is later used for the development of the village.

The village with 113 families live with brotherhood and unity. The whole villages turns up on happy and sad occasion of a family and the whole village stand as one for any good initiative.

This is the reason why the liquor ban imposed by Dakhin Tudu around three decade back in Damudih is still relevant. Ratu Murmu and Jitrai Mumru of the village informed the DPRo Sanjay Kumar that no criminal incident has been reported in the village since 80s and no villager has FIR registered in his name till date.

Confirming the same, Potka Police Station officer Arvind Prasad Yadav said, no incident of crime has been reported at the Police Station for very long time. All the villagers pledged to make the Damudih village drug-free and present an example before other villages.

Staying away from drug addiction has helped the villagers keep their health better and several youths of the village have made Damudih proud in sports.

Badal hembrom and Lakhan Hansda of the village are cyclist while Babulal Hansda in a national level footballer.

Present during the resolution meeting were Thakur Majhi, Ratu Murmu, Sanjay Sardar, Ramdhan Murmu, Mati Hansda, Pitho Hansda, Mahendra Mahato, Mohan Sarkar, Kaso Tudu, Rumila Sardar, Uma Sadar and several villagers.

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