Saturday, October 23, 2021

Salute to the struggle and contribution of Padmashri Chhutni Mahto towards the society

Three day free heart check-up camp concludes

Jamshedpur, Sept 26: A three-day heart check-up camp organized at the Agrico Club House by social organization, Namya Smile Foundation concluded on Saturday, September 25. World-renowned cardiologist Dr KM Mandana along with Dr. Ashima Bhelotkar of Kolkata Fortis Hospital and city-based cardiologist Dr VRK Sinha provided free medical consultation to citizens. Blood pressure and blood sugar tests and ECG were conducted free of cost at the camp. Thousands of citizens availed of the opportunity to get their free health checkup and get the benefit of expert medical advise from expert cardiologists at the three day camp. Earlier, the camp was inaugurated by Padma Shri Awardee Chhutni Mahto who launched a social crusade against witchcraft, provided justice to hundreds of socially oppressed and cursed women accused of witchcraft and sorcery, Kunal Sarangi, founder of Namya Smile Foundation, Dinesh Kumar, Rajesh Singh Bam and Nikita Mehta the patron of Prayas Sanstha were among other dignitaries who jointly inaugurated the camp. Padma Shri Chhutni Mahto was honored with angvastram and bouquet in salutation to her determined struggle to protect women from oppression. Dr KM Mandana, Dr Ashima Bhelotkar and Dr VRK Sinha were thanked by the members of the organization and presented bouquets and angvastram.

Speaking on the occasion, Padma Shri Chhutni Mahto said, “After my marriage, my in laws, instigated by a voodoo practitioner of the village dubbed me a witch and a heretic and they even attempted on my life. Things reached a peak and I was driven out from the village. I had to spend months uinder a tree with my children. I went through 25 years of hell but I did not lose my resolve to stand up and fight and fend for my children and other women who were socially castigated. Later, although I was alone with my children in a hamlet surrounded by forests and infested by extremists, I made an effort to unite people against ill beliefs including witchcraft and sorcery. Gradually I bolstered the confidence in hundreds of women and my movement, albeit with joint efforts, reduced the harassment towards women in Jharkhand. But still, there is a long march ahead to root out superstition from society especially in the rural belts.”

 Kunal Sarangi, founder of Namya Smile Foundation and Dinesh Kumar, patron of Prayas Sanstha, expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the camp. They said that the organization wouldl continue to engage in public work through such social camps. kunal thanked the Fortis Hospital Management for its cooperation.

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