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SAIL’s Bolani iron ore for sale in open market

Bolani(Odisha), Jan 9: New hopes have been raised in Bolani, border area in Keonjhar district.

The Mahratna and PSU Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) ‘s Bolani mine has now paved way for iron ore exports by road. This has paved the way for new jobs in transport and loading operations including new businesses in the region. Therefore, to achieve this loading and transport work order there is now a sense of urgency among the various groups in Bolani.

Various groups, Bolani and Balagoda Gram Panchayat are trying to get the support of villagers and slum dwellers. Almost every day, various groups gather in two villages and organize meetings. It is worth noting that the Bolani Iron Mine was considered to be the Captive Mine of SAIL. This is why iron ore from the Bolani mine to the SAIL steel plant was exported by rail.

However, with the new policy of the Ministry of Steel, it is now possible to sell iron ore in the open market. Under the new policy, 25 percent annual iron ore mining from the Bolani mine in SAIL can now be sold in the open market. Following SAIL’s decision, the auction process for the sale of 2 metric tons of iron ore from the Bolani mine has been completed and within a few days, bidders will be able to transport iron ore to various railway siding and plants.

Competition is now being seen among various groups in the local area to handle load and transport work orders.

This is the reason that various groups are having frequent meetings, banquets. However, it has been learned that to achieve this task, besides the local group, some outsiders are holding their own in the transport organization. In this context, Lambodar Polei, President of Bolani Bikash Parishad (a social organisation) and union leader Kamalapati Yadav Working President of the Bolani Theka Majdoor Sangh , said that the inauguration of the new work at SAIL’s Bolani mine is a welcome step. However, iron ore sold outside the Bolani mine is expected to be transported in a few days. They have asked bidders to give work order to local youth group on priority basis. In addition, Polei and Yadav warned that under no circumstances would any external transport company be allowed to transfer goods from the Bolani mine.


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