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Rotary Jamshedpur West’s hepatitis awareness benefits students

Jamshedpur, July 28: On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, Rotary Club of Jamshedpur West organized awareness program on prevention of hepatitis and how to take care of oneself if one is affected by the disease.

In the morning, Mamta Ram took the session amongst children of Bal Kalyan Vidya Mandir, a school at Pardih road, for underprivileged children. Ram talked about preventive measures, different types of hepatitis and vaccination procedure of it.

The club shared information and contacts of hospitals and doctors who can guide, test and give vaccine for the disease. It was appreciated by teachers and students.

A drawing and collage competition was also organized on the occasion amongst students. More than 140 students were benefited from the talk In Birsa Basti, renowned Dr Anju Bajoria talked to the ladies of the slum area and made them understand and motivated them to clean their areas, open drains and to put garbage in dustbins only.

Dr Bajoria also made them understand how to prevent hepatitis which is commonly known as Jaundice and differences between different types of Hepatitis.

She also explained how regular use of alcohol takes on livers and affects health. Dr Bajoria explained doses of vaccination and how it should be administered under Doctor’s supervision.

She also explained why same syringe should not be used for more than one person and how one should be careful while handling person who has blood on his body. Dr Bajoria also explained in simple ways how to prevent water borne diseases in general.

Around 40 ladies and gents were benefited from the talk in Birsa Basti.

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