Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Rotary Jamshedpur West celebrates Diwali with underprivileged

Jamshedpur, Oct. 28: Rotary club of Jamshedpur West along with Rotaractors of Karim City College celebrated Diwali with children of Khutadih area in their Deeksha Saheli Centre.

Rotarians, Spouses and RCC members along with Rotaractors celebrated Diwali with small underprivileged children of Deeksha morning school and surrounding area.

President Alakananda Bakshi talked about why Diwali is celebrated, how we can enjoy Diwali safely. Everyone enjoyed crackers and then sweets were distributed amongst all.

Rotaractors Rinku, Bharat, Shweta, Shashank, Rishav, Trilok, Shweta, Achinto, Anupama, Neelam and others attended the event.

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