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Rising crime graph questions police functioning style, vigil stepped up

Jamshedpur, June 9: With the Steel City fast transforming into ‘crime city’ with one or other shoot or loot out incident taking place every alternate day on an average people have started questioning police functioning.

All the claims of the police have failed to impress upon the denizens who have been witnessing daylight shootout incidents at regular intervals for the past few weeks.

The gang rivalry between various factions of the crime world has virtually taken the otherwise peaceful industrial town by tizzy with people expressing their displeasure over the style of functioning of the police force.

Mango and Baghbera, the two ends of the City that are densely populated have emerged as the most unsafe zones with roughly ten shootout incidents taking place in the last one and half months period in which six casualties have been reported so far.

“Gang rivalry related crime has witnessed a sud- den spurt and the police too, have been taken by surprise.

However, with election process almost over the policemen are back to their routine business so hopefully things will get improve in coming days,” conceded, an official.

The most surprising element that one has noticed in the all the murder or attempt to murder incidents taken place recently is that they happened in the broad daylight.

The actions are being taken by superintendent of police (city) Prashant Anand at the directions of senior SP, Anoop T Mathew following a meeting of senior police officers on Tuesday night after two bike-borne criminals snatched away Rs 6 lakh from a woman near the State Bank of India’s main branch in Bistupur and also police station.

Notably, the snatching of Rs 6 lakh was the fourth major case of loot and snatching involving over Rs 30 lakh taken place in the Bistupur police station area during the past seven months.

But the police have failed to detect any of these cases. According to police sources, most of the youths involved in the incidents of chain or purse snatching are drug addicts.

They adopt different types of modus operandi — either a youth snatches the purse or a chain in lonely places, or engages the victim in a conversation and commit the crime.

SP (City) Anand said that though they have not got any clue to the incident of snatching of Rs 6 lakh in Bistupur, they are taking such measures which will bring down the level of snatching, loot and bike lifting shortly.

The SP (City) said they have also decided to review the effectiveness of the CCTV cameras installed inside and outside the banks so that the police may get a clear footage of the suspected criminals involved behind any incident of crime.

“We are concerned over the situation and are taking steps. We have also convened a meeting of the bank managers to isolate the cash counters from other departments in a bank so that the criminals may not get an idea which customers are withdrawing which amount of money,” Anand informed.

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