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Residents of Bagbera meet DC over water woes

Jamshedpur, March 21: A delegation of from Bagbera Vikash Samity today met DC and appraised him water woes. The water project sanctioned by the drinking water and sanitation department is yet to see the light of day despite being on paper since 2006.

The residents are also concerned about the depleting groundwater table which has led to several tube-wells getting defunct further worsening the water crisis in the region.

The Rs 132 crore Bagbera rural drinking water project sanctioned by the drinking water and sanitation department of the state government is yet to commence despite being in paper since 2006.

The project has seen five detailed project reports (DPRs) being framed by consultants but nothing concrete has taken place so far at the ground level.

The project would benefit a populace of over 3 lakhs residing in 113 villages in 21 panchayats of Bagbera, Harharguttu, Ghaghidih, Kitadih and Parsudih. It envisages onstruction of a water treatment plant near Ghaghidih central jail and three water tanks.

Under the aegis of Samity residents are protesting. The impact of summer has hit early this year. The ground water level at various places has gone down considerably due to the mushrooming high-rises.

Moreover due to the rising temperature the water level of two important rivers Swarnarekha and Kharkai has decreased substantially.

BMVS convener Subodh Jha said that the residents of the area have been suffering from diarrhoea and other water borne diseases after drinking water from tube wells due to absence of piped drinking water.

According to the information, the water problem is more severe in the areas located at the tail-end of water supply system and on the city outskirts.

“It is really difficult times for us. The scorching heat along with decreasing waterlevel has made life difficult for us. Long queues of women standing for waters at hand pumps are regular feature,” said Y P Sharma, a resident of Bagbera.

Now, as the water crisis is looming large since the city received scanty rain last year, the supply of water through tankers would be increased by around 30 lakh litres.

According to the district administration, water tanker trips daily will ensure the supply of water in the slum areas of the city, where the water crisis is looming large because the tube wells and hand pumps have dried up.

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