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Religious fervour grips Kali Puja celebration in city

Jamshedpur :The festival of lights, Diwali, also marks the beginning for worship of deity, Goddess Gusto and enthusiasm for Kali Puja in city is same as seen for Diwali.

Performing the Puja with faith devotees seek protection against drought and war and blessings of general happiness, health and prosperity.

Houses are decorated and elaborate Rangoli pattern are drawn in front of houses and courtyard. Elaborate Kali Puja is carried out during the evening at the pandals.

As Goddess Kali is regarded as the Goddess to be feared members of Bengali community leave no stone unturned in carrying out a special puja for her. Through Puja people seek happiness, prosperity and protection against hardships.

According to Hindu mythology Goddess Kali is the first of the ten incarnations of Goddess Durga. Depicted with a fierce face and terrifying look Goddess Kali is regarded as the more aggressive form of Goddess Durga.

The image of Kali usually shows her foot on Lord Shiva’s chest, a severed head in one hand, her sword in the other and wearing a garland of skulls.

Kali is worshiped as the Mother Goddess who is known to destroy all evil and is a fierce fighter for the cause of justice.

In Jamshedpur a number of Kali Puja pandals were constructed for the occasion. On Saturday the pandals were inaugurated amidst enthusiasm.

” Kali puja is also an important occasion for us and every year we look forward to celebrate in traditionally. A massive pandal have been constructed for the occasion.

The festival is usually celebrated during the Diwali,” Tapas Sen, senior functionary of Five Star Kali Puja Committee in Parsudih.

He said that though the pomp and show during Durga Puja is much higher but the devotion and festivities for Kali Puja are none the less.

Meanwhile a number of Kali puja pandals have been constructed at Sonari, Burmamines and Pursudih. The steel city witnesses more than 20 major Kali Pujas. Of them, five to six are big-budget Pujas.

In keeping the tradition, members of Young Boys� Club at Telco have come up with standing tall at 22ft, the goddess. Jail Chowk Kali Puja Committee pandal is also the highlight.

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