Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Reflections try to fill generation gap at XLRI

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Jamshedpur : Students of XLRI under the banner of Samarthya, a student body at XLRI dedicated to the cause of the development of the school children of Jamshedpur, organised ‘Reflections’15 at its campus to help the students understand the difference in perspectives between their generation and their parent’s generation.

“Reflections” is an annual conference held in XLRI, which is attended by students from class 9 to 12. This year the theme of the event was redefining reality and it focused mainly on understanding the perspectives of the two generations on usage of technology, evolution of relationships and total development of students.

Students from Little Flower, Carmel Junior College, MNPS, DBMS, Kerala Samajam Model School, ADLS Sunchine, JH Tarapore and St. Mary’s will participate in the event.

The key speakers were: RajniShekhar, Dr. Sanjay Aggrawal,Psychaitrist, Tata Medical Hospital, Prof. ISF Irudayaraj, professor, OB, XLRI , also the Faculty Coordinator, Ronald D’Costa, XLRI alumni – BM – 1968 Batch, Ashu Tiwari, principal, MNPS andRatna Sinha – HR, TATA Metaliks.

The event was a great success and over 100 students and parents from more than 12 schools participated in the event.

The three main sub themes of the event, i.e., Usage of Technology, Evolution of Relationships and Total Development were discussed in groups and some activities were also organized to help the two generations understand each other.

The school students who participated in the activities were enthralled by the events and they said it was a great opportunity to work with their teachers and parents and interact with them at a different level.

Even the teachers and parents who participated in the event felt that after attending the group discussions felt more enlightened and educated as they got to discuss the various issues.

Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal from TMH who was one of the eminent speakers said that the youth is much more vocal about the issues that they face and this happens with every generation.

Emphasizing on use of technology he said that the use of technology cannot be prevented and is of utmost importance for students and this the parents must understand but at the same time the students must also understand that they must not get distracted and show some patience and concentrate on long term goals rather than immediate gratification.

Debanjana and Ragamayee, the Convenor and Joint Convenor of Samarthya, felt elated as the event turned out to be a great success and showers of praise came from the speakers, students, parents and teachers alike.

They said that the 3rd edition of reflection was special in the way that it maximized the interaction between generations through a noble way of intergenerational teams who played online games and traditional games like matkiphod and went through an experience that they never had before.

XLRI faculty member, Professor ISF Irudayaraj, who is the guiding force behind Samarthya, commented: “It is indeed a great initiative on the part of Samarthya to reach out to school youth and their parents to help them understand the differences that they have with their parents.

He also said that in today’s world parents cannot enforce their views on teenagers and so it is essential to understand each other’s perspective.”

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