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Rani Sati Divya Jyot to reach city on March 28

 Sakchi Dhalbhum Club Ground to be decked up for worship

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, March 18: The Rani Sati Foundation, Kolkata will carry the Divya Jyot which was initiated from the Deity�s Temple in Jhunjhunu Rajasthan, will be brought to the city on March 28. The Divya Jyot (Sacred Flame) is being carried across several states projected at unifying the nation. The Divya Jyot is expected to reach the city at 3 pm near the Red Cross Society Bhawan where thousands of devotees will receive the Flame and march in a colourful procession comprising music and devotional songs to the Sakchi Dhalbhum Club Ground where the highly decorated pedestal of the Deity would be placed. The Jamshedpur chapter will be organized by Rani Sati Seva Sangh in which devotees in thousands are expected to attend. Rani Sati is also known as Shri Dadiji. Later, from 6 pm, popular Bhajan singers from Kolkata will render songs that will add to the prevailing holy atmosphere at the worship site.

The Mangal Path will commence at 9:30 am at the Dhalbhum Club Ground. Many women devotees will participate in this event. Coupons for participating in the Mangal Path rituals will be distributed on first come-first serve basis. Coupons will be available with Shanti Kauntia (9470568647), Krishna Sanghi (9572855700), Premlata Agrawal (9955463577), Manju Kauntia (8987579050) and Mamata Garhwal (9334634237).

Naresh Kauntia, Suresh Lodha, Uma Lodha, Ram Ratan Kauntia, Kailash Saraiwala, Dinesh Agrawal Munna and all Dadi devotees of Rani Sati Seva Sangh, Jamshedpur, are devoting their entire efforts to make this religious function a grand success.

The Shri Rani Sati Foundation had commenced carrying the Divya Jyot to various centres of the country on March 3. Dadiji�s Divya Jyot will reach Midnapore in West Bengal and then proceed from there on March 27 and reach Ghatshila the same day at 5 pm. The next day, at 9 am, the Holy Flame will be taken to Chaibasa from where it will be brought to Jamshedpur at 3 pm. On Friday, March 29, the Divya Jyoti will be taken to Chandil from Jamshedpur at 8 am. The Divya Jyot flame will also be taken to Balarampur and Purulia and to several other cities before returning to Kolkata on April 7 to conclude the first phase of the Shri Rani Sati Akhand Jyot Yatra.

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