Saturday, December 2, 2023

Ranchi faces Nipah virus threat

Ranchi: Two people infected with Nipah virus have died in Kerala, while 15 others who came in direct contact with the deceased have been placed in the high risk category. The chance of death after contracting this virus ranges from 40 to 70 per cent. It is obviously very dangerous.

According to media reports, Kerala Health Minister Veena George has said that it is the Bangladeshi variant. It spreads from person to person. Therefore, the infected gram panchayats of Kozhikode have been converted into quarantine zones. Kerala’s neighbouring state of Karnataka has advised the general public to avoid traveling to the affected areas.

Jharkhand can also get infected due to Jharkhand’s train connection with Kerala. Two trains go to Kerala from Jharkhand. One train runs from Dhanbad to Ranchi to Allapi/Allapuzha in Kerala and another train runs from Hatia to Ernakulam. A large number of people travel to and from Kerala by this train. A large number of laborers also go to work in Kerala. Therefore, in terms of infection, it is also a matter of concern for Jharkhand.

Also, the possibility of bats becoming carriers of this virus can put Ranchi in the danger zone. A park in Ranchi’s VVIP area is home to thousands of bats. A large number of people come to Morhabadi for a walk in the morning. But hardly anyone notices the giant bats hanging on the branches of the giant eucalyptus in the park, they look very scary. Environmentalist Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi said that bats are also carriers of many diseases. It is not considered good for them to live among humans because bats bite requires anti-rabies vaccine. So, there is a need to be alert.

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