Sunday, December 3, 2023

Pupils of Tangrain school tell stories, win prizes

Jamshedpur: Suno Kahani (tell a story) programme was organized at Upgraded Middle School, Tangrain, under Potka block on Saturday.

The school teacher Arbind Tiwary conducted the programme. The participants were asked to tell their favourite stories. Lakhan Manjhi bagged the first prize while Nitish Seet and Dinesh Sardar got second and third prize respectively.

Consolation prizes were given to Vishnu Sardar, Jayanti Das and Virendra Sardar. Kaho Kahani programme was conceptualized by Arbind Tiwary who took the initiative to ensure that children read stories and are able to expand the horizons of their imagination.

The judges of the contest were Amal Kumar Dikshit, Sanat Mandal and Vishwajeet Sardar

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