Friday, December 9, 2022

Property dealer’s office ransacked in Aambagan

Jamshedpur, August 21: In an unpleasant incident at the Sakchi Aambagan Masjid area, members of Masjid committee along with their supporters demolished the encroached portion of the adjacent shop of Khan Property Consultancy on Friday afternoon.

Several people were in the Masjid to offer Friday prayers and seeing the situation a large crowd gathered in the area.

Soon, seeing the situation getting out of control the shop owner turned hostile and informed the police. However when the police arrived most people including the committee members fled the scene.

An issue of spat has been reported between the Aambagan Masjid committee and the shop owner. According to the committee’s view, Naushad owner of the Khan Property Consultancy has encroached the mosque’s property.

On repeated complains he refused to give up the acquired property. Even a case has been registered in the court. As the number of people are increasing the mosque need to widen its area, but due the encroachment the mosque is not able extend its reach to the devotees.

On the other hand, Khan Property’s Naushad along with another shop owner on the premises Aftab Ahmad Siddiqui who is also a BJP leader in presence of DSP Jancita Kerketta went into an offensive mood and told that a case is already registered and they must be allowed to continue operations peacefully unless any decision is made by the court.

Siddiqui also verbally argued with the DSP to take strict actions on the Masjid committee members. The police however took no action sighting it as a religious issue. Over the recent years, the city has witnessed several cases of encroachment.

The administration has failed to yield any result in this direction.

Today’s issue at a certain point of time became so serious that people feared chances of blood bath; thankfully the police arrived on time and avert such happenings.

Unless the administration takes measures against the encroachments, we can expect of many such issues surfacing in near future.

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