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Power crisis hits Jamshedpur again

Jamshedpur, May 21: Several areas under JUVNL on Saturday faced power pangs following a heavy storm in the evening. The power crisis worsened in almost all areas under JUVNL  following the Nor’wester which resulted in disruption of services.

Power supply in several command areas of JUVNL  went haywire following yesterday’s downpour. Though supply was restored in some places, command areas of the state electricity board continue to grapple with power pangs.

Transmission lines were damaged in Old Purulia Road in Mango, Sonari, Parsudih, Karandih, Ghorabandha, Govindpur,  Birsanagar and other places. To make matters worse the 33 KV overhead wire between Gamharia and Mango also got snapped affecting power supply in the residential areas.

Residents of Birsanagar, Ghorabandha, Parsudih and Govindpur had to go without power throughout the night. Residents of several other localities including Mango and Adityapur complained about intermittent power cuts and prolonged loadsheddings.

Places like Sonari , Sundernagar, Karandih and Parsudih which have JUVNL  supply were also confronting power woes for the third consecutive day today.

“In most parts of the area electricity supply is not there and even in some of the localities where there is power supply it is irregular. The years old electricity wires and poles are in abject condition with incidents of power cuts taking place frequently in summer,” informed Mahesh Patel, resident of Transport Nagar in Mango.

The entire stretch of the Mango Notified Area Committee, (MNAC) is reeling under heavy power and water crisis in the mid summer.

With regard to electricity the scenario is far from improving as the large population is solely dependent on limited sets of JUVNL  transformers in the area.

 JUVNL  officials admitted that several areas under the board are facing acute power crisis due to the storm “The storm has snapped the power supply in several areas. A few days back a similar situation prevailed. Our team members are at work. We hope to restore power supply by tonight,” said an official of JUVNL ‘s Singhbhum supply area.

According to him , the power supply in some of the urban areas has been restored by this evening while efforts are being made to restore normal power supply in the rural belts.

JUVNL  officials, however, said that the Central Load Despatch ( CLD) was supplying full load to both the power grid sub-stations at Golmuri and Gamharia.

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