Thursday, December 7, 2023

Patients coming for treatment of other ailments testing positive of Covid in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: No one is able to understand the UK and double mutant strains of coronavirus. Some are claiming to be community transmission, and some are telling the virus is floating in the air. Meanwhile, a shocking report has come out from Jamshedpur.

Sadar Hospital at Parsudih is the first hospital in the entire state where all types of patients and their attendants coming to the OPD are being examined. After that the admission is being received only after the report comes. Within a week, two thousand 27 people have been investigated. In this, 187 people (9.22 percent) have been found positive, which is shocking.

This includes patients of nose-ear, throat, teeth, skin, medicine, women and obstetric diseases. What is worrying is that these patients had little doubt that they could also be corona positive. They had come to get treatment for another disease but turned out to be corona.

The initiative of Civil Surgeon Dr. AK Lal and the hard work of Dr. ABK Bakhala, Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital are being appreciated. In fact, in recent times, doctors, nurses and workers started becoming increasingly infected through patients. It became difficult to run the hospital. In such a situation, the Civil Surgeon took the initiative to make the corona examination mandatory for all the patients coming to the OPD. In the initial days, the doctors thought how this would be possible, but now they are also happy and are doing their duty. It will also be implemented at other centers.

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