Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Passion drives Mumbai Dabbawalas to deliver excellence: Dr Pawan Agrawal

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Jamshedpur: ‘Jo biwi ko kare pyar wo dabbawala ko kaise kare inkar’ said Dr Pawan Agrawal, President, Mumbai Dabbawala Education Centre referring to the passion at which the Mumbai Dabbawala works, how they satisfy the customers and connect two souls.

Customer satisfaction is key to success of any business irrespective of its nature and dimension.

A business can thrive if its workforce is customer oriented, delivers quality results and meets deadlines, said

Dr. Agrawal on Saturday addressing over 300 participants from corporates, schools & colleges in rapt attention, who were amazed by the simplicity of perfection achieved in operation by the ‘Mumbai Dabbawalas’.

That’s how they are able to make 16 million deliveries per day.

Their management skills have won over the likes of Prince Charles and Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic.

Speaking at a conclave organised by CII Young Indians, Jamshedpur Chapter, Agarwal advised students to make a right choice before grabbing a job opportunity and continue with it for a longer period rather than hopping jobs for monetary benefits.

Dabbawalas on an average literacy level are Standard VIII pass and yet they masters of supply chain management and it only possible because they consider “Work is worship” and “customer is God” and this is the reason that 125 year old institution is running smoothly and has been recognised by Harvard as a case study in efficiency, Dr. Pawan said.

Being a disciplined workforce of 5,000 members working under 800 ‘Mukadams’ or Supervisors, the dabbawala service has never witnessed a strike since its inception in 1890.

Termed as the International Motivational Speaker, Dr. Pawan Agrawal made the crowd go berserk with his style. He noted that in the last 125 years not a single tiffin has been undelivered that to when they use crowded Mumbai locals for transport.

“5000 employees deliver 200000 tiffin daily covering 60 to 70 km distances that to after 30% of dabbawalas are illiterate. The amount they earn in 10 to 12 thousand per month and have been awarded Six Sigma Certification because they work for customer satisfaction,” said Dr. Agrawal adding that they manage the whole thing so smoothly that since 1890 there has been no strike, no police or court case.

Pawan Agrawal further informed that in this technology driven world they don’t use hi-end technologies apart from mobile phones and yet they are successful and they are not allowed to speak to the customers also.

‘The lessons by Mumbai Dabbawalas will ingrain in us the sense of respect required to achieve the desired success. The best practices adopted by Mumbai Dabbawalas will help us in adopting their team work and discipline in our daily lives.

Yi Jharkhand will strive towards bringing such examples of excellence and dedication to the Young Indian’s in the city.

We have launched this platform under the aegis of CII to connect with young minds and get them to appreciate

excellence at the grassroots level.’ said Mr Vishal K Agarwalla, Chair, Yi Jharkhand chapter.

Among other, Tarun Daga, MD of Tinplate Company and Chairman, CII Jharkhand Chapter, Adarsh Agrawal, MD Jamipol, Rahul Singh CII Jharkhand, Sister Mridula Principal Convent, students from XLRI, Tata Steel and management Professionals were present.  

Dabbawalas’ are actually a highly specialized service of the fastest city of the country, Mumbai, which is over a century old and has become integral to the cultural life of the city.

They are featured on the Guinness Book of World Records and on Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” The Mumbai Dabbawalas have been certified ISO 9001:2000 by the Joint Accreditation.

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