Monday, August 8, 2022

Team ‘Oort’ wins Astronomy Quiz at MNPS

Jamshedpur, July 1: Astronomy is such kind of science that relates with environmental education (EVS), general science & geography.

It gives us information about space and Environment. Also it gives knowledge of celestial or heavenly bodies and their positions and characteristics.

An Astronomy Quiz was held in Motilal Nehru Public School on Wednesday, July 1. Students of Std. VI to X participated in that quiz.

There were 4 (four) teams named ‘SAGAN’, ‘HALLEY’, ‘OORT’ & ‘HUBBLE’. The quiz was organized by the Astronomy Club of the school under the guidance of teacher Chaitali Mandal.

Total 3 teams of 4 were selected as 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders. The programme was interesting and informative. Students Syed Abid Abdullah, Kumar Tanay & Avinash Kumar were the quiz masters for the different rounds. 4 rounds were held.

In the first position -Oort-(Ishika Verma, Ishaan Kumar, Arif Irfan Khan, Ayush Kumar, R. Shashant), Hubble (Aditya Kumar Sharma, Abhishek Kumar, Anjum Srivastava, Vagnisha Piyush, Anurag Parashar) bagged the second position while Sagan ( Vishal Kumar, Piyush Sharma, Kritika Mishra, Ashish,Abhigyan Kishore) were declared third.

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