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Ojass at NIT : Om Puri addresses students


Jamshedpur : With the game coming down to the wire, the third day of Ojass was the D-Day for all the events in the different clusters. Finals of all the branch events were held to decide the best among the last men standing.

The finals of the event Junkyard wars was held where the participants are required to make useful resources out of junk. The finals of the different events under the Paraphernalia event cluster were held deciding the final winners.

The event Lens View, a photography event where participants are required to submit clicked photographs on a pre-decided theme was also a success.The Robotics events arena Deus-x-machina was electrified by all the top teams from different colleges in the locality reaching the finals.

In the gaming arena Armageddon, the cowardly and the spineless were out and the skillful and the valiant were ready to face off for one final battle. The Civil engineering event “Arch Made Easy” was also one of the special attractions on this day.

The final paper presentations for NSCET paper presentation event were also held for different branches. Also the finals of Pratibimb event under the Prayas event cluster were held in the Computer Center Seminar Hall. The IQ corner, a special event cluster for the freshers concluded with the Placement Corner event organizing mock placement interviews to the finalists.

The accomplished Bollywood actor Om Puri visited theNIT Jamshedpur campus to browse through all the different events and the arrangements made for the last day of the Techno-management fest. He attended a formal meeting with the Director and the Deans of the Institute before having a look at the Robotics events at Deus-x-machina.

Later he attended the arena of Prayas event cluster where paper presentations on several prevailing social issues were going on.

On listening to a presentation given on the topic “Eve-teasing” he responded that “The reason behind the several rape and molestation cases especially the Delhi cases today is the environment in which a child grows.

At birth every child is pure, but the environment in which one grows makes him what he becomes. So, he stressed that it is the responsibility of the Institutes of national Importance to take up the responsibility to the reach out to the poor and the degraded and to teach them values and culture”.

The guest lecture by Om Puri is scheduled to be held in the evening at 7:30 pm at the main stage in the campus. The guest lecture will be followed by the prize distribution ceremony followed by the official closing ceremony of Ojass’15.

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