Friday, December 8, 2023

Nishchay Foundation grabs international attention

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Jamshedpur, Feb 03: A movement on menstrual hygiene that started in East Singhbhum and gained momentum across the country has now become an international movement thanks to the relentless efforts of Nishchay Foundation and its founder-secretary Tarun Kumar.

At the Digital Innovation Festival organized at Hotel Eros in New Delhi, Nishchay Foundation of Jamshedpur was selected as one of the top 10 South Asian movements at the VI th ENGO Awards in the Menstrual Hygiene and Health Awareness category.

Organized by DEF, Tarun Kumar speaking on the occasion said, �Nishchay Foundation�s on awareness of menstrual hygiene in Jharkhand has now become a people�s movement whose main purpose is to eradicate shyness among women in the matter. With people�s cooperation we are working and shall continue with our endeavor especially in the rural areas so that our sisters are more forthcoming in maintaining menstrual hygiene. It has been with the people�s help that the Foundation has been able to provide sanitary pads and napkins in rural schools and also environment friendly incinerators to dispose of them. More than 2,000 people are now involved in this movement. We are using the digital and social media platforms to spread awareness on this front and our efforts are turning out to be fruitful.�

Many representatives from international social organizations were present during the event.AHO, a social organization spreading awareness of right to good health in the sensitive areas of Afghanistan and Safe Lovers, another social organization from New Delhi working for HIV AIDS patients under utmost secrecy were declared winners.

The Nishchay Foundation was also represented at the function by Kasish Sinha and Ankit Pathak.

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