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NHES felicitates meritorious students at Annual Prize Night

Jamshedpur, June 23: The achievers of Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES) were felicitated at the Annual Prize Night held on 22nd June, 2019 at Rajendra Vidyalaya Auditorium, Sakchi. The programme was conducted in two sessions (Junior and Senior).

The Chief Guest for the Junior Session was Varsha Gandhi, Secretary, School Managing Committee. The Chief Guest for the Senior Session was Sanjiv Paul, Vice President (Safety, Health and Sustainability), Tata Steel Ltd.

The senior session began with lamp lighting. Saplings were presented to the Chief Guest Sanjiv Paul. He motivated the students to aim higher. He awarded the achievers of ICSE and ISC examinations. In ICSE examination the top scorer in the Science stream was Ritik Prajapati with 97.40%. He secured the 8th Position in the City.  He was closely followed by Anuska Banerjee with 96.00% and Shruti Sarangi with 95.60%. In the Commerce stream Kusum and Rajshree Sharma topped with 95.00% followed by Swati Tripathi with 92.20%

The total number of ICSE candidates was 120.  Thirty Five (35) students scored between 90 to 100%, 57 students scored between 80 to 89%, 26 students scored between 70 to 79% and 2 students scored between 60 to 69%. The Average Performance of the class was 85.12%.

In the ISC examination, B. Yamini topped the Science Stream with 97.75%. She secured fifth position in the city. She was closely followed by Ghuncha Fatma and Jitendra Kumar Soni who scored 97.25% Both of them secured the seventh position in the city. In Commerce, Ishika Jain topped the class with 99%. She was declared the Third State Topper.  She was followed by Jaykant Beria with 96.75% and Muskan Sharma with 94.25 %

The total number of ISC candidates was 150. Sixty three (63) students scored between 90 to 100%, 60 students scored between 80 to 89%, 21 students scored between 70 to 79% and 6 students scored between 60 to 69%. The Average Performance of the class was 86.36%.

Nakul Kamani, President of the school managing committee presented certificates to the special achievers. 19 students cleared JEE Advanced 2019. Madhusudhan Agarwal and Avik Dutta secured AIR 844 and 881 respectively. Most of the students were within the AIR 10,000. Three students cleared NEET 2019 with Jitendra Kumar Soni achieving a percentile of 99.53. Mahima Kanrar and Sanskar Raj were the other two students who cleared NEET. 

The Principal presented the annual report highlighting the school�s achievement in Academics and Extra-curricular Activities. Since the last 5 years, the academic performance graph has shown an upward trend. NHES students have consistently found a place for themselves among the first ten toppers of the city list. And in the last six years NHES students have been at the very top in the state merit list. In 2012, Rohit Bohra with 97% topped the state in the ISC Commerce stream. In 2016, Ashutosh Kumar was the ISC State Topper with 98.5%. In 2018, Radhika Patwari was the ISC Science State Topper with 98.75%. Again in 2019, we have Ishika Jain who secured the 3rd Position in the State in ISC with 99%.

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