Saturday, October 23, 2021

Need a civilized society for well being of nation

By Lalit Garg

In view of the stifling atmosphere of stubble and air pollution and the danger of corona spreading continuously, people are not only putting themselves but others’ lives in jeopardy with extreme carelessness. The public freed firecrackers overnight, mocking legal decrees to control fireworks. It is not unexpected that cases of corona infection have increased again in Delhi, there was a possibility that many health experts had warned that a second wave of corona could come with a winter and festive atmosphere. Yes, this is happening. The corona wave of this time is more dangerous, the more dangerous it is, the more active the central government, state governments and the legal system are. But the irony is that this time the public is careless, in the midst of tension and stagnation, every person is getting away from his roots and responsibilities for his fun.

What kind of society is this where there is no meaning for the person, environment, own health or the convenience-inconvenience of others.The meaning is only, just your entertainment. The Life-style of an individual has become such that man started to do everything to live but forgot the meaning of living himself, that is why life is surrounded by inequalities and inconsistencies, there is no hope of light from anywhere. Why isn’t man afraid of death? Why not be afraid? A special kind of violent enthusiasm, anarchy and indiscipline was seen in people for bursting firecrackers.

Today, in the crisis time of the Corona epidemic, the country is faced with a complex phase of sorrow, pain and insensitivity, the problems are frightened in new forms. Corona has changed a lot in society, values, ideas, lifestyle, architecture have all changed. The man surrounded the land with such high walls and made it tangled, whether sun and light, life-wind also had to find ways to enter. If conveniences dominate, artificial means have become destiny. There is an atmosphere of fear and dread all around.

 This fear is not only from the corona, but from the corrupt people, the perpetrators of crime, the abusers of power, and also the officials who have turned away from their responsibilities and duties. We have to accept that we are still at a stage where police are also required to remind us of duties like walking left on the road or not spitting in public places. The police, who have covered many stains on its character, how will it discharge its obligations honestly and responsibly? Police batons or strict laws can never make a person civilized. If there is no will from inside, then there is a situation like this Diwali in following the laws. In spite of all the laws, court or government orders and the exercise of the police, firecrackers continued to be released. Anyway, India is among the few countries in the world which will probably have the most laws, but how much law-abiding society we are is not hidden from anyone.

The hymn composed by Narsi Mehta, “Vaishnav Jana to tene kahi, je pir paarai jane re” had become the formula of Gandhiji’s life, but why does it not become the lifeline of today’s common people? Why did not the common people accept others pain, others grief and others life as their own? Why not connect your strings with people’s pain and sensations? The ice rock itself melts but stops the flow of the river, causing floods and destruction. Today, such obstructing elements are present in the health-care of the country, which create terror and doubt in life and are pushing it in the dark path of death, in the shadow of the long black night of despair and fear.

 If any person wants to make the nation hopeful for one day, then they are important. But here darkness is prevalent everywhere. Our nation stands on the brink of bankruptcy of morale in all areas like moral values, economic, political and social and personal levels and our leadership continues to speak of its well-being by giving the slogan of glorious tradition. But the reality of his well-being is not hidden from anyone, the way the control of firecrackers in and around the capital of the country has become apparent from it. It is not about the incompetence of the police. Identify the reasons why a common citizen is constantly becoming indifferent and careless in spite of the dangers surrounding the environment or its own health issues.

What is the irony of our society? Exposing any irregularity is considered prejudicial. Speaking the truth falls into the category of egoism. Cleverness is impractical. Not promoting corruption is not recognizing time. After all, in which gruesome directions are these definitions pushing the society and the nation? Despite the strong storm of development, our country, our society is still stuck in various bonds. There is neither self-confidence nor moral strength in it. Nobody listens to morality, to reform. There is no light anywhere. How can we become world gurus in these dark nights?

The rock of ice falling in the river has to be melted, in the same way those obstructive and insensitive elements have to be removed one day. It is an accepted truth that when there is no tomorrow, there will be no today. If there is no light, there will be no darkness. ‘Pir Parai Jaane Re‘ – The words of the Bhajan still touch the hearts of many people and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also touched his heart, only then he has developed a common national welfare undertaking to support the suffering of the people.

It can be clearly realized by standing at the stage that the nation has reached today that the basis of Modi’s policies is to understand the sorrow of others.  To understand the others ‘Pir’ means to try hard to eradicate that pain, that suffering. This will create a civilized system among humans in which the police will be completely absent from the streets and all civil activities will continue without its intervention. In fact, in the concept of an ideal state, the absence of institutions and conditions like police, courts and prisons is the proof of our civilization. A few hours of practice are not enough to achieve these rare advantages. It requires constant effort and determination.

(Lalit Garg is a Journalist, columnist, writer and member of Rajbhasa samiti, Ministry of Home Affairs. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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