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Narad Muni first audience of Bhagwat Katha: Pandit Rishi

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Jamshedpur, Aug 25: The eight day narration of Srimad Bhagwat commenced today at Satyanarain Mandir Thakur Bari in Jugsalai Chowk Bazaar. The narrator is noted Pandit Santosh Krishna Tripathy �Rishi� from Vrindawan. He initiated the eight day session of Bhagwat Katha today with the explanation of the importance of the holy treatise, the Bhakti of Sankadik Rishis and the relief of mother�s pain.

He said, �The Sankadik Rishis first narrated the Bhagwat Katha to Narad Muni and the holy text commences with Bhakti or devotion. The Bhagwat is God incarnate and those who listen to the narrative take to holy ways. Amid all the modern gadgets and fast-paced lifestyles, man is laden with tension and worries that can be absolved by listening to holy discourses and singing in praise of the Lord. All pains are washed away.�

The host was the main priest of the temple Pandit Shrawan Kumar Joshi. Many devotees were present on the occasion.

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