Tuesday, November 28, 2023

My salutation to the protectors of humanity: Raghubar Das

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Jamshedpur, April 19: Former Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi�s disciplined approach to the war against the spread of coronavirus has ensured that as compared to other nations, the level of infection is much less. He saluted the doctors, nurses, health workers, police personnel, sanitary staff and administrative officials who have been dedicatedly continuing to discharge their duties towards the people at the risk of their and their families� health and wellbeing.

Das said, �The doctors, nurses, health workers, police personnel, sanitary staff and district officials have been diligently discharging their humanitarian duties without concern for their own or their families� health and wellbeing. They stand the possibility of being infected themselves. In fact, some doctors and nurses caring for coronavirus patients have been infected.�

The former Jharkhand Chief minister expressed concern over medics, health workers and police facing violence in certain localities while out for conducting tests for corona infection. He cited, �Hindpidi in Ranchi is a burning example. In spite of the violence being meted out to medical staff and workers and police personnel, they are determinedly carrying out their job to detect and contain the deadly viral infection. Similarly, in Punjab, a police official lost his arm in violence but thankfully, a long surgical procedure ensured the reattachment of the arm. Such corona bravehearts have to face two-pronged risks, one the threat to their health while ensuring the lives of people were safe and on the other, facing the wrath of ungrateful people.�

Citing another example, Raghubar Das said that in a Chhattisgarh hospital, a three month old child was being look after by hospital staff. He also gave the instance of a seven month lady doctor moving on a motorcycle to help coronavirus victims. A medical technician in Rajkot, Das stated, had rejoined her job a day after her father�s funeral. �These are hard hitting examples of persons fighting to save human lives in spite of personal odds. Many lady police personnel are bringing their suckling children to the police station and executing their official responsibilities and also discharging their motherly care.� Raghubar Das observed that police personnel were discharging their duties under the fury of a summer sun and simultaneously providing food to the needy at police stations and also making masks for them.

He observed, �These are the actual fighters who are rewriting the history of valor. The families of these selfless fighters are also contributing to this national cause by supporting these valiant men and women. I salute these valiant crusaders against coronavirus for the cause of humanity.�

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