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Musabani hosts Jharkhand�s first cashless marriage

Jamshedpur, Jan. 9: Taking forward the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi�s dream of a cashless economy, Badiya village in Musabani under East Singhbhum District held its first cashless marriage on Monday, January 9.

On the initiative of Sanjay Kumar, deputy collector of Chief Minister Camp office, 30-year-old Subhash Nayak of Badiya village tied the knot with Sunita of Chakradharpur in first cashless marriage of the region.

The dowry free wedding saw arrangements including tent house, vegetables, ration, jewelers, and priest were paid through cheque.

Ahead of the marriage, manager of Bank of India visited the marriage venue and opened a savings account for the couple to be and handed over debit cards.

At the wedding, local MLA Laxman Tudu, Dinesh Sao, environment activist Jamuna Tudu, CO Sadhu charan Devgan, DSP Ajit Kumar Bimal, mukhiyaDulariMumru and other invitees handed over cheques as gifts.

Deputy Collector Sanjay Kumar handed over a cheque to priest after the wedding rituals. The wedding arrangements were done by the groom side in Musabani.

Kiran tent House in Musabani, vegetable vendor Gourab Chakraborty and priest Vikas Mahapatro accepted cashless payment. The villagers seemed quite excited to be part of the first of its kind cashless marriage in the region and large number of villagers participated.

NayaTola mandir in Badiya village was the wedding venue.

The tent, ration, milk and vegetable traders were excited to be a part of the cashless marriage and seemed positive with the initiative. A jeweler Vinod Pandit gave silver jewellery as gift to the bride.

Groom Subhash�s Uncle Madan Nayak said that wedding was held completely dowry free and arrangements including tent house, vegetables, ration, jewelers, priests were paid through cheque, draft or swipe machine.

To make the wedding successful, Sanjay Nayar, relatives and family members of the bride and groom, Rural reporter Bhai Maharaj, Unicef�s Tarun Kumar, social worker Vishwajeet Prasad, businessman Ganesh Nayar, Ranjit Nayak, Anil Nayak, Sanyasi Naik, Hemant Mera, Shyam Sunder, Bhola Rai, Motho Tayal, Madan Nayak and others played a vital role.

It may be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a strong push to turn India into a cashless economy.Several campaigns have been launched all around the country to promote cashless transactions.

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