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Mouth-watering traditional cuisine of Jharkhand on display at Surajkund Mela

Ranchi: Entering fourth day, 31st Surajkund international Crafts Mela in which Jharkhand is a theme state, is promoting for public consumption specialties of the state among which �Johar, Swaad Jharkhand ka�, the stall owned by Dr. Ramnath Prasad is one of the centres for attraction. It has been promoting the food of Jharkhand for 32 years. He is a medical practitioner by profession at Maithon Dam, Dhanbad. Food is something which serves as the authentic mark for every state that differentiates it in its own special way.

Needless to say, Dhuska, which is made of rice powder and urad daal served with Chana (Gram) sabzi, Chilka roti which is made of Oal (yams) sabzi and then there is Marua(Ragi flour) roti served with cooked meat are the popular dishes of Jharkhand and is immensely liked by people visiting the mela. Rehu Macchi, Murgh Chawal( Chicken rice), Dal pitha and Doodh Pitha are yet another famous dishes of Jharkhand.

Needless to say, still another cuisine of the state that has gone in for public liking, Litti Chokha with a special mention of Desi Ghee is among the most famous dishes of Jharkhand that are also at display at Surajkund. A small rounded ball made of wheat flour filled with a filling of Sattu made of gram flour which is then roasted and served with smashed potatoes Chokha- a rich dish made of thirty two spices completely oil free and healthy.

It�s a traditional dish of Jharkhand that originated from Baksar, Bihar. The interesting thing about Litti Chokha is that it doesn�t require any utensils and can be cooked anywhere without any hassle.

The meal is incomplete without the sweet dish where Anarsa, Malpua, Khoye ki Chandrakala and Khaja are most famous.

Anarsa has an interesting story behind it where it�s said that every bite we take of Anarsa is eaten by three people together. The outer covering of Til on Anarsa is eaten by our ancestors, rice by us and and the ghee from which its made is eaten by God. Anarsa is considered to be the Prasad of Gautam Buddha.

Most of the dishes in cuisine that Jharkhand is showcasing at Surajkund are found to be delicious and have gone in for suitable consumption of visitors at the site.

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