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Medical services on fast track as TMH Express rolls into Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, May 5: Tata Steel in association with Tata Digital Health (TDH) had launched an initiative to digitize and transform healthcare in Jamshedpur on March 3.

Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry inaugurated the digital health project at the 914-bed Tata Main Hospital (TMH) after the Founders Day celebrations.

On the same lines, TMH Express powered by Tata Digital health was launched on May 1, 2016 for the general population of Jamshedpur. The service aims to provide hassle-free visit to the hospital and a fast track order. Any person can contact at the helpline number 0657-6641012 for inquiries.

“TMH Express is a fast track channel in the TMH OPD, which offers a seamless appointment-free, digitized healthcare experience to the patients. Using the TDH platform, the service offering includes pre-consulting routine, conducted using state-of-the-art digital point-of-care devices,” said Luv Rustogi of TMH Express.

The main difference between OPD and TMH Express will be the time, as through TMH Express patient will have to spend less time than OPD, while more time will be provided to patients to consult the doctor, said Kaushik Kishore of TMH Express.

Addressing a press conference at TMH on Thursday, Rustogi added that with the consultation charge of Rs 350 per person one can fast track the TMH experience without appointments.

“Pre-consultation comprises compulsory measurement of basic parameters such as blood-pressure, blood-glucose, and body temperature. This is followed by the doctor’s consultation on a digital interface where the doctor enters the diagnosis and prescription on an electronic medical records platform.

“TMH Express also facilitates priority specialist referrals as and when required. This service also offers the utility of digitized health records, which will be accessible to the patients in the form of an interactive interface,” noted Rustogi. Home delivery of medicine has also started from May 1 for which no extra charges will be incurred on bill of Rs 500 and above, while Rs 30 will be charges for below Rs 500 bill.

The facility will not be available for Tata Steel employees, as same facilities will be provided to them at Kadma and Sakchi dispensaries. Tata Digital Health sees Jamshedpur as its showcase city for the country-wide roll out. The company has setup a world-class digitally integrated pharmacy in front of TMH. The roll out of digital platform is in progress at TMH and allied clinics, he added.

Dr. G Ramdas, GM (Medical Services), Tata Main Hospital, said, “Our aim is to fundamentally transform primary healthcare by creating an integrated network of services spanning healthcare providers and consumers.”
The initiative will ensure better medical outcomes and quality of life for the entire population of Jamshedpur, including employees as well as non-employees.

“We are focusing on quite a lot of things to improve the facilities at the hospital and would definitely turn TMH into Vellore of this region,” Dr. Ramdas added.

Tata Digital Health has also come up with a retail pharmacy, just outside the TMH main gate, serving all patients with a diversified portfolio comprising branded medicines, injectibles, OTC and rehabilitation products. This pharmacy is open from 6 a.m. in the morning to 12 midnight on all seven days of the week.

It offers a unique value proposition of convenience and fullness in terms of meeting patients’ pharmaceutical requirements. The pharmacy will also be offering value added services such as home delivery to further enhance patients’ convenience.

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