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Loyola School Jamshedpur celebrates 23rd Jharkhand Diwas with cultural splendor

Jamshedpur: Loyola School marked the 23rd Jharkhand Diwas on Wednesday, with a jubilant celebration that not only commemorated the formation of the state but also coincided with the birth anniversary of the revered tribal leader, Birsa Munda. The school campus was adorned with enthusiasm and pride as students showcased the rich cultural tapestry of Jharkhand.

The festivities commenced with a captivating introduction to the various tribal communities that enrich the diverse landscape of Jharkhand. Students meticulously curated an exhibit that brought to life the indigenous people’s lifestyle, traditions, and unique customs. The vibrant display served as a visual testament to the cultural wealth embedded in the state’s tribal heritage.

Adding a melodic touch to the celebration, the school’s choir group enthralled the audience with a soulful tribal song, filling the air with musical sounds that set the stage for a cheerful ambiance. The cultural extravaganza continued with a mesmerizing tribal dance, offering a glimpse into the rituals, festivals, and daily activities of the indigenous communities.

The programme aimed to provide students with a profound insight into the significant contributions made by Jharkhand’s tribal communities. It shed light on their crucial roles in the growth and development of society. The event concluded with a thoughtful address by Vineeta F. Ekka, vice principal of the Junior Section, underscoring the importance of preserving and honoring the state’s diverse cultural heritage.

In the senior school assembly, Resham Raj of Std XII delivered a stirring speech, recounting the struggles of tribal leaders in their fight for the statehood of Jharkhand. Raj spoke with pride about the rich and diverse culture of the Adivasis, emphasizing the state’s abundant mineral resources. Jayanthi Sheshadri, Vice Principal of the senior section, expressed her pride in belonging to such a unique state and urged students to work towards making Jharkhand proud through their endeavors.

The celebration at Loyola Junior School not only paid homage to the formation of Jharkhand but also instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in the students to carry forward the legacy of their unique cultural heritage.

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