Saturday, May 15, 2021

Life saving Remdesivir injections unavailable in Jamshedpur

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Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, April 18: A big question mark hangs over the availability of Remdesivir injections in Jamshedpur. The injection is an essential curative process for COVID infected patients. According to information, COVID patients at Uma Hospital on NH 33 and Tata Motors Hospital could not be given Remdesivir shots because of their unavailability in the city. In fact, there has been a report of a patient dying for want of the vital injection. Seeing his condition deteriorating, doctors asked his relatives to get Remdesivir injections but after enquiring from all available medical shops in the city, the life saving shots could not be found. The COVID scenario in the city is rapidly getting out of hand. From beds, to oxygen cylinders, to medicines and now Remdesivir injections, all are going out of stock while the number of infected are on a steep incline.

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