Saturday, December 9, 2023

Work for home starts at Tinplate and Tata Power

Jamshedpur: Companies are not untouched by Corona’s havoc. While the production of companies is being affected by the growing Corona transition, then manpower is also being cut. Meanwhile, Work for Home has started in Tinplate and Tata Power regarding Corona.

Company officials and supervisors are now working from home. The second wave of Corona has once again started working from home. At the same time, production of companies has reduced due to the increasing corona. In such a situation, the work of removing contract workers from the company has started. Hundreds of contract workers have been put to work in Tata Power and Tinplate.

On the other hand, given the Corona at Tata Power, officials have been issued a decree to work from home. Only the workers doing the necessary work are coming to the plot. At the same time, the number of contract laborers is being cut. Sanitizer and thermal scanning have been arranged at various places within the company regarding the corona.

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