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KSMS: Panel discussion on Teenagers cannot be trusted with Technology

Jamshedpur, Sept 19: The Safe Club of Kerala Samajam English School (KSMS) organized annual Safety Week to bring awareness regarding safety.

From 15th – 22nd September 2015 various programs will be held like road show, safety talk, nukkad natak etc. The week began with a poem recital by students of Primary level followed by a panel discussion on ‘Teenagers cannot be trusted with Technology.

The panelists were a mix of students, parent and teachers. All stakeholders expressed their views. Parents are confused and bewildered as to how to track their children online as many of them were computer illiterate. Parents’ understood that technology is a need of the times.

Children must be trusted but not blindly, monitoring is a must. Teachers play a vital role in guiding the children on proper use of technology and encourage creative and educational use by role modeling in class and giving projects and question that need internet support. 

Teenagers must be given freedom of technology but for limited time and under supervision. Nukkad natak competition between the students of four houses was performed focusing on different perspective like drugs, electrical safety, and safety for women. Charity house won the competition.

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