Saturday, April 1, 2023

KPS Kadma welcomes Nursery kids in unique way


Jamshedpur, March 16: The pre-primary segment of Kerala Public School (KPS) Kadma welcomed the new batch of Nursery children for the session 2023-24, on Wednesday, in a unique way.

Principal Sharmila Mukherjee and Headmistress Alamelu Ravishankar greeted all the children and their parents. The children were received by the teachers. It was a heartwarming sight to behold the moment like no other, when the parents watched their children head off to their classes,  and the little carefree angels trotting away aimlessly with little understanding of the importance of the moment. 

The experience kindled a host of emotions in the parents which caught them dumbfounded, unable to react.  It was indeed an eye-catching sight with the parents’ coaxing their children to go inside and the children clinging desperately to their parents, unwilling to part.

A beautiful “Jungle theme” was created to attract the children, with teachers  decked up as comic, fairytale and jungle animal characters like Kitty Cat…Cheetah……etc. A selfie corner was erected in the amphi-theatre where parents along with their children froze the memorable moment and thoroughly enjoyed. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, the school wore a cheerful look as the children were ushered to their respective classrooms by the teachers. The wing of the “Tiny Tots” was decorated beautifully with creative bulletin boards, to cheer up the kids and create a pleasant and cordial atmosphere for the toddlers.

The children received a warm welcome from the school and the management. The first day of Nursery was made a memorable day for both the kids and their parents, so that they can cherish it for a life time.

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