Friday, March 24, 2023

Kalash installed for Lord Dharma Saastha


Jamshedpur, Nov 25: As part of the 73rd Saastha Preeti celebrations at Sri Dharma Saastha Temple, Bistupur, pujas started with maha Ganapati havan, followed by Kalash sthapan for Lord Dharma Saastha on Thursday, November 25. Later on Ved Pandits performed puja, jap and havan.  PN Sankaran, Chairman of the Temple Committee performed Poornahuti as per the direction of chief priest Vijay Bhanu after which Vasordhara was done by pouring ghee. It was followed by Kalash Abhishek.  Later on maha deeparadhana was shown to all the deities in the Temple and prasad was distributed among devotees by the members of the temple committee. In the evening Rudra Krama Archana was conducted and Vedas were chanted by the visiting Ved Pandits. Maha deeparadhana was performed for all deities and the members of the temple committee again distributed prasad among devotees.

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