Monday, October 25, 2021

Jusco inaugurates Network Monitoring and Control Centre

Jamshedpur : Jusco inaugurated the Network Monitoring and Control Centre of Power Services Division.

Jamshedpur is one of the few cities in India which has implemented such a monitoring system of the distribution network right upto the distribution transformers.

Anand Sen, president (TQM & Steel Business), Tata Steel inaugurated the new facility. Addressing during the inauguration Mr Sen spoke about how technology and innovation are changing the way services is delivered.

He appreciated the step taken by JUSCO to bring out customer delight by using technology and innovation to improve upon its service delivery.

JUSCO distributes power on behalf of Tata Steel in its command area of 64 in Jamshedpur. The electrical distribution network is spread across the city connecting approximately 500 High Tension installations.

These installations include power substations, distribution substations, switch houses and other installations to supply power to consumers. In order to min- imize the duration of power outages, these installations are required to be continuously monitored by collecting real time information about its status.

The present system of manual monitoring for any kind of interruption is time consuming & cumbersome. It also lacks a central place where real time data (viz. load conditions, breaker status, voltage levels) of substations and consumers can be monitored.

Required information and data needs to be collected for each case manually from field as and when required. This limits decision making on system control, operation and maintenance.

Seizing the opportunity to improve monitoring and control of the town power distribution leading to reduction in operational delays, enhancement of manpower productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction, Jusco has implemented Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for power distribution management in Jamshedpur.

SCADA is a real-time industrial process control system used to centrally monitor and control remote or local industrial equipment.

In this technology data is available on realtime (load conditions, breaker status, voltage levels) from the substations, consumers etc. at a central place.

With the help of these real time data quick decision making on system operation and maintenance is possible which reduces the power outage duration for customers which in turn will result in enhanced customer satisfaction.

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