Monday, December 11, 2023

JSPCB to keep check on noise and air pollution level in Jamshedpur this Diwali

Jamshedpur, Oct 31: Like in previous years, the regional office of the Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB) will monitor noise �and air pollution in several areas, before and on the day of Diwali. The regional office of the pollution control board has identified 11 points where noise and air level will be monitored to ascertain the level of damage inflicted on the environment due to fireworks.

�Like in previous years this year too, we will measure the increase in the noise and air level monitoring points,� said the official. He said that steps are being taken to educate people over control in fireworks but still as precautionary measure steps will be taken to monitor.

The 11 points have been identified at Bistupur, Sakchi, Baridih, Telco, Gamharia, Sonari and Mango for noise and air level monitoring list. Though, the traditional strategic points i.e. areas near hospital and nursing homes will continue to be on top of the said list.

The officials at the pollution control office said that Diwali enthusiast�s interest is gradually shifting towards lights decoration and owing to this there is a marginal decrease in the bursting of firecrackers. Measurement of noise and air pollution levels by JSPCB regional offices will be tabled and sent to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

Social worker Manish Kumar said: � Despite awareness drive carried out by several organisations to shun firecrackers or use only eco friendly firecrackers, the city has witnessed a steep rise in the air and sound pollution level during Diwali. I am of the opinion that bursting crackers is turning to a competition and a status indicator. Many people feel proud to show off their wealth by investing thousands or even lakhs on this non-sense stuff. I really don�t understand why even educated persons do not understand the ill effects of global warming. It�s a shame on our education.

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