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Jamshedpur’s Rani Mishra produces feature film on police


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Jamshedpur, August 22: Golmuri Cable Town resident Rani Mishra, daughter of Bhuneshwar Pandey has enhanced this cultural capital’s pride by producing a Bhojpuri film, ‘Hum Hain Rowdy SP Vijay.’ Rani Mishra completed her schooling from Sakchi Girls High School. She informed that the Censor Board of Mumbai had given her film an U/A certificate.

At a special promo launch (trailer) of the film at Police DIG, Rajiv Ranjan Singh’s office in Ranchi where the film’s censor certificate was displayed, the senior police official expressed his admiration for the film. Incidentally, the film revolves on the life and activities of the personnel in khaki. The DIG said, “This young director has the enterprise in her to weave a meaningful story performance and technicalities wise. I wish her and her film all success.”

DIG Rajiv Ranjan Singh’s wife, Manju Singh and the film’s actor, Prince Mishra were also present on the occasion. 
The shooting of the film was done in the beautiful locales of Jamshedpur, Nagaland, Bihar and several places in the rest of Jharkhand. Producer Rani Mishra stated that the film was woven around family and social values and had pulsating action. “We have endeavored to present the true and honest image of the Indian Police personnel.
 The film stars Bhojpuri film industry's superstar actress Kalpana Shah, Priyanka Pandit, Hemant Bare, Megha Saxena, Roopa, Munna Yadav, Gurusharan Singh, Ravi Shankar, Vishal Singh, Mayank and Rakesh Pandey.
Udit Narayan, Anuj Tiwari, Alka Jha, Priyanka Singh, Rahul Pandey and Kavita Yadav have lent their mellifluous voices in the film. Munna Yadav from Nagaland has wielded the megaphone in, ‘Hum Hain Rowdy SP Vijay.’ Rani was highly appreciative of the cooperation her unit received from the District Police while shooting in Jamshedpur. The film is expected to release by the end of December, ’21 and will be released in movie theatres and Bhojpuri channels on TV.
Rani said, “I am looking forward to start my new Bhojpuri celluloid venture, ‘Ziddi IPS’ soon. I am feeling elated at receiving congratulatory message for my new film, ‘Hum Hain Rowdy SP Vijay’ from none other than Bollywood director Abhay Sinha.”

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