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Jamshedpur Women’s University: Savitribai Phule Lecture Series on NEP 2020 kicks off


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Jamshedpur, March 29: Savitribai Phule Lecture Series on NEP 2020 was inaugurated at Jamshedpur Women’s University on Wednesday.

The programme started under the chairpersonship of Vice Chancellor Professor (Dr.) Anjila Gupta. The inaugural lecture was held on the topic “National Education Policy 2020: Basic Research and Innovation of Knowledge”.

Dr. Atul Ji Bhai Kothari, National Secretary, Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas was present as the chief guest. Other guests included Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha Principal LBSM College Jamshedpur and Professor Vijay Kumar Singh, Regional Coordinator 'Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas', Bihar.
The program started with the lighting of a ceremonial lamp and Saraswati Vandana which was followed by University Anthem presented by Dr. Sanatan Deep, Director of Culture and Sports and HOD Music Department along with students of Music Department. The guests were traditionally welcomed and gifted mementos, shawl and Shreefal. Chhau dance was performed by students on this occasion. 
The chief guest highlighted the important points of NEP 2020 and also spoke on the various ways to implement the policy. He described the implementation of NEP 2020 as a pillar in fundamental and original research and creation of new knowledge in accordance with the Indian culture and knowledge tradition. He threw light on the importance of thought process and mother tongue in research. He said that educated people here or from other countries have also reached the heights of success in every field through the medium of their mother tongue. He emphasized on the overall development of an individual through education and laid more emphasis on character development. He said that the aim of the policy is to make India an all-powerful and self-reliant nation again.
“Holistic, unitary education at every level, curriculum, teaching-learning, examination method, integrity in evaluation, education in mother tongue or own language, student-centered policy etc. are its steps. If the policy is implemented properly, India will become Vishwaguru, there is no doubt about it,” said Dr Kothari.
Sharing the experience of a student who had gone to America, Dr Kothari said, “Had such a policy been there in place earlier, I would not have come to America. The advantage of the multidisciplinary approach is that it is possible to study yoga with commerce. He also spoke about the importance of the Indian knowledge tradition and how it is being integrated into modern education such as a temple management course started in a university in Gujarat, which has also been appreciated by students from the United States of America.
He reiterated that by introducing Indian knowledge tradition in the university, we will attract students from developed countries. The Vice-Chancellor in her presidential address assured the chief guest that the university will leave no stone unturned to achieve the goals of NEP 2020. 
She made several references as to how the electric cell was also created on the basis of the Indian knowledge tradition. Linking steel with Jharkhand, she also appreciated the culture of Jamshedpur city and said that it is a city where multicultural form is seen and a mini India can be experienced here. She listed several achievements of the university which are in line with NEP 2020.
Regarding the work done in this direction recently, she said that more than 3000 books have been purchased, in which not only Hindi, English but also regional languages ​​can be translated and there is talk of adding Kudmali to it.
Dr Ashok Kumar Jha in his address emphasized on the fundamental and basic thought process which leads to excellence and also pointed out the harmful effects of borrowed knowledge.

Professor Vijay Kumar Singh in his address pointed out the ambiguity in the previous education system and curriculum which was devoid of history and achievements of Indian heroes.

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