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Jamshedpur Polytechnic girl still traceless, police suspect suicide


Jamshedpur, Aug. 10: Mystery shrouds the missing of 18-year-old girl, Mirza Sadaf Baig. Police suspect that she must have jumped into Kharkai and her body swept away.

Sadaf’s father Mirza Abdul Baig and his relatives also suspect that the girl might have jumped into the Kharkai and her body might have been flown away in the heavy current of the river.

A resident of Bagan Sahee in Mango, Sadaf is a student of Government Women’s Polytechnic in Gamharia. She had on Thursday come to the polytechnic, but a college bag that was found lying on the Adityapur toll bridge that led the police to detect that it was that of the girl.

The police had recovered an I-D card of Sadaf from the bag and subsequently the police had detected that the bag belonged to Sadaf and that she was missing both from the institute and her home.

Sub-inspector Chandra Bhushan of Adityapur police station said they have registered a entry in connection to the missing of the teen-aged girl.

“We made an entry on the statement made by the girl’s father Abdul Baig. We are suspecting that the girl might have committed suicide by jumping into the Kharkai, but unless we find her body we cannot conclude it to be a suicide case,” said Chandra Bhushan.

Chandra Bhushan said they are trying to locate the body in Kharkai and also in Subernarekha. “We have involved two local divers at the River Meet to see if the can be traced from there. But the divers are just searching the body on the surface of the Domuhani and Subernarekha,” said the police officer.
Abdul Baig too is making every effort to locate the body by engaging his relatives and friends in the Subernarekha.

Baig (59), when asked, said ” The family is in state of shock. Sadaf is youngest among my three daughters and hence we all loved her. There was no reason that might lead her to take such a drastic step”.

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