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Jamshedpur: National Deworming Day to benefit 9.73 lakh children

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Jamshedpur: National Deworming Day, a crucial public health initiative, is set to be observed on September 20, with the aim of improving the health and well-being of children and adolescents. The event, which will see the administration of Albendazole tablets, targets a staggering 9.73 lakh children and young people aged 1 to 19 years within the district.

A key planning meeting convened in the Collectorate Auditorium under the leadership of the Deputy Development Commissioner brought together key stakeholders, including the Civil Surgeon, Social Welfare Officer, District Education Superintendent, Block Medical Officer, Block Child Development Officer, and others closely involved in the campaign.

In his address during the meeting, Civil Surgeon Dr. Jujhar Majhi provided valuable insights into the upcoming National Deworming Day activities. He highlighted that the event’s primary focus is to ensure the health and vitality of children and adolescents in the district. Albendazole tablets, known for their effectiveness in deworming, will be administered during the campaign.

Dr. Majhi disclosed the staggering number of beneficiaries, emphasizing that 9,73,000 children in the district are set to receive deworming treatment.

The Deputy Development Commissioner, who presided over the meeting, urged the in-charge medical officers and Community Health Workers (ANM Sahiya) to collaboratively ensure the success of this vital program. He elaborated on the operational details, sharing that the campaign will kick off with an inauguration at Anganwadi centers on September 20th.

Additionally, he revealed the strategy for school-based distribution, whereby children aged 6 to 19 years will receive deworming medication at educational institutions. Notably, children aged 1 to 2 years will be provided with half a tablet of Albendazole, while those aged 2 to 3 years will receive one tablet. Children aged 3 to 19 years will also be administered one tablet each.

To guarantee the safe and effective distribution of Albendazole tablets, health workers have been instructed to administer the medication directly to the children under their care. Stringent guidelines were emphasized to avoid any risks, including the possibility of the medication becoming lodged in a child’s throat. Consequently, the directive was clear: administer the deworming medicine under direct supervision.

As the district gears up to participate in National Deworming Day, it underscores the commitment to ensuring the health and future of its youngest members. The event aligns with national efforts to combat parasitic infections and promote the overall well-being of children and adolescents.

Furthermore, it is important to note that a mop-up day is scheduled for September 29 to ensure that no child is left without the necessary deworming treatment, emphasizing the district’s dedication to comprehensive healthcare for all.

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