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Jamshedpur Lockdown: 18 checkpoints activated, new drop gates on city’s strategic locations


Jamshedpur, May 16: In view of fresh strictness enforced as part of the on-going lockdown, the district administration has come up with fresh check posts. Police personnel have been deployed near Straight Mile Road near Keenan Stadium, Mango Bridge, Sakchi and other key locations.

Vigils will be stepped up near the new bridge at Domuhani in Sonari and Adityapur Bridge. The administration plans more such points in view of rising cases of coronavirus.

“Following Government’s orders we have tightened our drive against violators. Anyone coming on road without valid reason or e pass is being taken into task. The vehicular movement through Dobo-Kanderbera road and Mango bridge has increased.

We have set up a new check post to nab those violating norms. We have started the patrolling to keep a vigil on the road so that commuters as well as the truck and trailer operators may feel secured while negotiating through it,” said an official.

According to officials, only those carrying a valid movement pass, ID of their workplace in the city and involved in the supply of essential services are being allowed to enter from all entry points with the city. Police teams have barricaded the roads and set up kiosks at different entry points.

A district official said the checking will continue till the coronavirus situation normalises. He said some people are entering the city on foot or two-wheelers stealthily. “The administration is dealing with such persons strictly,” he said. The police intensified vigil at all points of entry to Jamshedpur to keep those afflicted with COVID-19 off the city.

All persons coming in through the borders of East Singhbhum district, have to report to the nearest institutional/paid quarantine centres for coronavirus tests before proceeding to their destinations.

The interstate/inter district checkposts mentioned under serial numbers are: 1) Pardih Checkpost, 2) Sonari Domohani, 3) Adityapur (near the Kharkai River Bridge under JNAC, 4) Kadma Toll Bridge under JNAC, Katin Chowk, Bankura Road, Patamda, 6) Haldipokhar Chowk, Potka, 7) Hata Chowk, Potka, 8) Keshpur Checkpost, West Bagudia, Ghatshila, Jagannathpur, Bengal Road, Baharagora and 10) Kaliadia Odisha Road, Baharagora.

Dhalbhum SDO Nitish Kumar Singh has given instructions to officials to ensure that people comply with the rule to wear masks when they are outside. He said that those found without masks are taken into task. “ We have increased vigil and make meticulous plans to prevent a fresh wave of the disease. Action is being taken against those guilty of moving around in public places without masks,” said Singh.

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