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Jamshedpur Dhanteras: Fast and furious festive transactions


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Jamshedpur, Nov 10: City streets and all market places started turning into a sea of humanity more emphatically since Thursday, November 9 and since midmorning on Dhanteras day today, the scenario took on volcanic proportions.

The calculation of per human or per vehicle square feet of space either on city roads or in various Bazaars of the township did not exist. Even the evening’s winter chill had absolutely no space to enter the crowded landscape as man, machine, cows and bulls moved along with the pushes and dashes to their respected targeted shops to pursue the tradition of buying something new on Dhanteras and keep the Goddess of Wealth in good humour.

However, this does not include the cows’ and bulls’ preferences because they simply move around on all occasions.

Big and small jewelry shops were stoppages where ACs purred but failed to cough. However none noticed. All eyes were on designs, weight and budgeted wallet sizes as gold, silver and diamond ornaments sold like hot cakes. Some big showrooms also displayed platinum craft that also went down well with customers’ choices.

Cloth merchants, readymade garment sellers and warm clothing stockists too did brisk business. The traditional zest for purchases of household utensils on Dhanteras was retained. Bhagwanji Narshi, whose family has been into utensil business since three generations, informed, “The demand for copper utensils has been growing steadily. Small pots, glasses, saucers and plates, as also pitchers are being purchased by customers. This is perhaps because doctors also have been advising people to drink water from copper utensils for several health benefits.”


Electrical goods including, mobile phones ranging from as comparatively low priced Rs 15, 000 to Rs Two lakh and more were flying off the shelves. Refrigerators, ACs and water coolers, kitchen appliances, washing machines, refrigerators of all sizes and enhanced utilities, TV sets of all branded products became new entrants in many homes. There was one 91 inch TV priced at Rs 12 lakh on display. Many buyers had booked their choices earlier to avoid the rush, to be delivered on the auspicious date and time of Dhanteras festival. Many jewellers had undertaken to deliver expensive items to homes of buyers.

Vehicle showrooms of two-wheelers and four-wheelers were the other venues of Dhanteras marketers. The brands, sizes, capacities sold in large numbers depended on wallet weight and need of the new owners.

Builders too had merry times. Many flats had been pre-booked for handover and house warming on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras.

According to an estimate, Dhanteras business saw an approximate transaction of Rs 350 crore. The figure could be more. Both, sellers and buyers had huge smiles on their faces in spite of the huge rush. Festive rush is one occasion when people do not seem to mind. All inconveniences turn oblivious to human concern as the new acquisitions and good business across the counters sweep away the otherwise monotony of daily living. And while thinking of brushing away dust, broom sellers too did roaring business as this otherwise common utility assumes a significant religious prominence of being a precious new purchase for good luck.

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