Sunday, June 4, 2023

Jamshedpur DC orders drive against illegal sand mining, 35 vehicles seized


Jamshedpur: In a significant move to combat the rampant illegal sand trade, the local administration has initiated a rigorous crackdown, resulting in the seizure of 35 vehicles transporting sand without proper authorization. This proactive step by the authorities aims to curb the environmental degradation caused by unregulated sand mining and protect the region’s natural resources.

Prompted by numerous complaints from environmental activists and concerned citizens, the administration launched the drive last night.

The intensive investigation campaign being carried out against illegal mineral traders in East Singhbhum district has created a stir among the mining mafia. In a surprise action taken on the basis of secret information late last night in the forest block of Ghurabandha, around 35 hyvas with illegal sand storage were seized.

The raiding team comprised BDO Ghurabandha Smita Nagesia, Executive Magistrate Keshav Kumar and the police of the local police station. DC Vijaya Jadhav had ordered back-breaking action against illegal mineral businessmen in the review meeting of Mining Task Force and district level law and order, after which the mining task force’s swift action is going on.

During the operation, teams from the task force conducted surprise inspections at various checkpoints and key transport routes. The focus was primarily on identifying vehicles involved in the illegal transportation of sand, which is a valuable natural resource commonly used in construction activities.

The joint efforts of the task force yielded fruitful results, with 35 vehicles being seized during the operation. These vehicles were found to be carrying sand without the necessary permits and documentation. The seized sand and vehicles were subsequently impounded, and legal proceedings have been initiated against the offenders.

Speaking on the matter, an official stated, “This drive against the illegal sand trade is part of our commitment to protect our environment and natural resources. Unregulated sand mining poses a significant threat to our ecosystem, leading to erosion, ecological imbalances, and even loss of livelihoods. We will not tolerate such activities, and strict action will be taken against those involved.”

The seized sand and vehicles will undergo thorough investigations to gather evidence against the culprits. This crackdown is expected to act as a deterrent and send a strong message to those engaged in illegal sand mining and transportation.

The administration has also urged the public to come forward and report any instances of illegal sand mining or transportation. Whistleblower helplines and dedicated email addresses have been established to encourage citizens to play an active role in preserving the environment.

In the coming days, the administration plans to intensify its efforts against the illegal sand trade, with increased surveillance, stricter penalties, and better coordination among various departments involved. Additionally, initiatives for sustainable and regulated sand mining practices will be explored to ensure the availability of this crucial resource while preserving the ecological balance.


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