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Jamshedpur Court rejects BJP leader Abhay Singh’s bail plea in Kadma communal violence case


Jamshedpur, May 22: In a significant development in the ongoing Kadma communal violence incident, the district court has denied bail to a prominent BJP leader Abhay Singh, who stands accused of involvement in the violent unrest that erupted in Kadma.

The court of ADJ 2 Abhas Verma of Jamshedpur Court rejected the bail application of several others accused. Apart from Abhay Singh, the court rejected the bail pleas of others including Sudhanshu Ojha, Ranjit Pandit and Janardan Pandey. Earlier, on May 17, the court had reserved the decision while hearing the bail plea.

Abhay Singh had filed a bail application citing various grounds for release. However, after careful examination of the evidence and taking into account the seriousness of the charges against the accused, the district court ruled against granting bail.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution presented strong evidence against the accused, including video footage, eyewitness testimonies, and forensic reports. The prosecution argued that granting bail to such a high-profile individual could potentially obstruct the investigation, tamper with witnesses, and pose a threat to public safety.

In response, the defense counsel representing the BJP leader presented a counter-argument, highlighting his client’s clean record and community involvement. The defense claimed that the accused was being falsely implicated due to political motives and maintained that he posed no flight risk.

After carefully considering the arguments from both sides, the court concluded that the gravity of the charges, coupled with the potential risk to public order and witness tampering, outweighed the individual’s personal circumstances. The court’s decision to deny bail emphasizes the need to maintain law and order and demonstrates the court’s commitment to a fair and unbiased trial process.

A leader from the opposition party criticized the accused BJP leader and urged the party to take appropriate action against him.

In April, a situation of communal tension had arisen in Shastrinagar of Kadma police station area and many policemen including SSP Prabhat Kumar were injured in controlling the stone pelting between the two sides. At the same time, an FIR was registered against hundreds of people in this case, in which many BJP leaders including Abhay Singh were involved. The arrest of Abhay Singh regarding this incident is being strongly opposed by the BJP.

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