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Jamshedpur: Bull dies coming in contact with 11,000 Volts live wire

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Jaduguda, June 1: A bull lost its life after coming into contact with a high voltage current of 11,000 volts in a stay pole in Tilamuda village, under the jurisdiction of the Jaduguda police station. The unfortunate event occurred at 11 am Thursday. Prashant Raj, the Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) of the Jaduguda Electricity Division, confirmed that compensation would be provided to the family of the victim, Thakur Das Mahato, in accordance with government provisions. The amount of compensation is expected to range between 19,000 to 25,000 rupees.

According to SDO Prashant Raj, the incident transpired when the bull’s leg got entangled in the stay pole of Tilamuda village. During the struggle to free itself, the bull came into contact with the stay pole, resulting in a fatal electric shock from the 11,000-volt current.

Responding to the tragedy, a villager Vanwali Mahato expressed that SDO Prashant Raj had instructed the victim’s family to submit an application at the electricity department’s office on Friday, in order to initiate the process for the compensation amount. In the aftermath of the incident, the villagers, in collaboration with the local administration decided to conduct the final rites for the deceased bull. A pit will be dug in the designated area, provided by the administration, for the burial of the bull.

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