Saturday, April 10, 2021

IEI observes world telecom & information society day

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Jamshedpur, May 18: I feel proud in stating that BSNL, all along, has been instrumental in driving the implementation of various Government policies for the benefit of end customers.

In this regard, let me take you back to the days of 2002 when BSNL entered the mobile sector as the fourth operators. Those were the days of not only high outgoing charges (Rs 18-20 per minute) but also incoming calls also used to get charged.

The launch of quality services at very affordable prices by BSNL brought the cellular services within the reach of a wider market and has tempted the common man in the literal sense to enjoy these services.

Despite entering late, through innovative schemes and rational pricing it captured the industry, said B N Singh, Sr. G. M, BSNL, Jamshedpur during the World Telecom & Information Society Day celebration at The Institution of Engineers (India), Jamshedpur Local Centre.

The theme of this year WTISD is “Telecommunications and ICTs: Drivers of Innovation”. The objective is to raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) can bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide.

Singh added that the theme could not be more apt for a country like India which is currently plagued with low literacy, unemployment, income inequality and where agriculture, even though is the occupation of around 65% of the population, contributes less than 20% to GDP.

Also delivery of various e-governance services, social schemes, disbursement of subsidy leaves lot to be desired. Various applications /schemes which will not only ensure effective disbursement of subsidy but also will ensure fair yield to farmer is the need of the hour.

Similar model was followed in 2005 when BSNL introduced broadband service through DSL (landline). In 2010, BSNL started offering 3G and Wi-Max Service. BSNL has all along followed the model of inclusive development. As a result, all our services are accessible to both urban and rural citizens.

In the end, Singh said that The right to communicate is central to the information Society; it is a key principle for equitable and universal access to information and knowledge that in turn empower people to meet their aspirations and achieve their development goals.

Let us put our resource together to harness the catalytic role of ICTs in achieveing sustainable development. It is the key to ensuring a better future of all”.

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