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Hill Top students show off dance skills

Jamshedpur, Aug. 5: Hill Top School organised Annual Dance Fest in the school premises on Saturday. The programme began with a warm welcome by Nazneen Farah, Shivani Savana and Bhavya Tiwary of Class XI of Hill Top School.

This competition consisted of Group Dances, Trio and Solo performances. Themes for Group Dance were- Category 1 � Party, Category 2 � Patriotism and Category 3 �Folk.

Themes for Trio performances were – Category 2 � Dreams. Themes for Solo performances were- Category 3 � Indo Western Fusion and category 4 Indian Classical Dance to Western Song Or Western Dance to Eastern Song.

Hill Top students presented attractive dance to garner claps which also displayed their dancing skills.

In Trio- Category 2- first prize was bagged by Swati Nandi , Priyanka Chakraborty, Madhuja Ghosh followed by Prapti Sarkar, Aaheli Majumdar, Aditi Majumdar and Anushka Uttam Shinde, Arpita Patra, Samiksha Chandran.

In Solo-category-3- Pratham Sehgal was the first prize, Mondrita Chatterjee was second while Srijita Dey bagged cthe third prize.

In Solo-category-4-Ananya Shome was the winner, Swastik Shekhar Sarkar was second while Tarun Kumar Gautam was at the third place.

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