Friday, June 2, 2023

Heat wave claims one at Baghbera


Jamshedpur, April 28: The heat wave in the city has claimed one life in the last 24 hours. Ashrafi Sah of Baghbera, who was suffering from the onslaughts of heat wave succumbed to a heat stroke on Thursday.

Police officials informed that the death have been due to heat wave that has hit the district since the past one week.

Normal life has been severely hit in the steel city and elsewhere in the district. The condition in the rural pockets of the district is even more miserable with the mushroom growth of sponge iron units which have added to the heat.

The maximum temperature of the city on April 21 reached 45.7�C, which is said to be highest in last five years. In 2004, the highest temperature reached 45.6�C.

But this year the maximum temperature shot up to 45.6�C on April 21. Power cuts for long stretches are only adding to the woes of the residents who have to do with an acute shortage of drinking water as rivers, ponds and wells have gone dry.

According to meteorological officials, the lack of thunderstorm activity that precedes the monsoon showers could be the reason that temperatures are five to six degrees above the norm. People are eagerly awaiting the onset of the monsoon season.

Meanwhile, following directive from the state government, schools have announced their summer holidays for classes up to VIII. Now children are all set to enjoy the long summer vacation.

It may be mentioned that as per their calendar the schools were scheduled for summer vacation from May 8. But now they have decided to proponed it.

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