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Gram Sabha seeks resolution to Jhurkuli parking dispute


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Jamshedpur, May 26: In a bid to address the ongoing parking dispute between the villagers of Jhurkuli and Tata Steel Long Products Company, a tripartite meeting was scheduled at the subdivision office. However, due to the busy schedules of Gamharia Dugdha Panchayat head, Mohan Baske, and village head, Tapan Thakur, the meeting has been postponed indefinitely.

Taking matters into their own hands, the village chief penned a letter to the Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) urging for a public meeting to be held within the village itself. The request aims to find a solution to the longstanding issue concerning the construction of a parking lot that encroached upon a common road, allegedly carried out by Tata Steel Long Products Company without proper authorization.

The villagers have persistently voiced their concerns, arguing that the presence of the parking lot has caused frequent traffic disruptions along the aforementioned road. Despite their demands, the company management failed to take any significant steps towards addressing the matter.

Consequently, the villagers submitted a memorandum to the SDO, formally requesting the removal of the company’s parking lot. As a result, a tripartite meeting was called to mediate the dispute between the villagers and Tata Steel Long Products Company.

With the recent postponement of the meeting, the village chief’s letter highlights the urgency of addressing the problem within the village itself. By holding a public meeting in Jhurkuli, the hope is to facilitate open discussions and reach a resolution that satisfies all parties involved. The villagers remain determined to find a satisfactory solution to the parking dispute and eagerly await the SDO’s response to their request.

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