Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fire at Sonari, properties worth over Rs 2 lakh gutted at general store

Jamshedpur, Jan. 15: In a major fire mishap, properties worth over Rs 2 lakh were gutted at
a general store at Kagalnagar market in Sonari on Sunday morning.

Though the fire was triggered at broad-day-light, but cause of the fire could not be ascertained. The shopkeeper, Niranjan Kumar in the beginning claimed that the cause of fire might be an electrical short circuit, but later after
inspecting the gutted shop he claimed that the fire might be a handy work of some anti-social elements.

The incident came to light, when a man who was buying goods at the general store, he noticed smoke coming out from the opposite place of the cash-counter. Soon the man, informed the shop-keeper about the smoke, but by that time the shop-keeper could understand anything, a flame was visible.

In a split of second the flames engulfed the store. Soon the shop-keepers and people in the neighbourhood joined in dousing the fire and poured more water on the fire.

In the meantime, someone informed the Sonari police. In the next 10 minutes a fire-tender arrived at the shop and doused the fire by carrying out fire-fight for about the next one hour. A sub-inspector of police, SN Mahto from Sonari police station rushed to the spot before the fire-brigade had come and asked the owners of the shops adjoining the general stores to keep inflammable items away from their shop in view of the razing fire.

But soon the fire-tender had arrived from the Golmuri fire-station and started dousing the fire. The shop-keeper, Niranjan Kumar said the might have been set by someone. “Though, I had guessed that it might be an electrical short circuit but I found no clue.

Then only it struck me that someone might have triggered the fire intentionally,” claimed Kumar. Officer-in-charge, Sonari Amis Hussein said the shop-keeper is yet to give a statement to the police about the reason behind the fire and also the extent of loss incurred due to the fire.

“As per our investigation, the fire must have been triggered due to the electrical short-circuit. The loss of properties would be around of Rs 2 lakh,” said the officer-in-charge, adding that the matter will be further clear when the shop-keeper will give a statement to this regard.

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